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Investment: EIT Food Impact Fund

Investment: EIT Food Impact Fund

Providing financial support for Europe’s most promising agrifood startups

The EIT Food Impact Fund builds on the experience of the EIT Food Bridge Fund (part of EIT’s Crisis Response Initiative) that supported startups highly affected by the Covid-19 situation. The aim of the EIT Food Impact Fund is to continue providing financial and company support to high impact and high growth potential startups and scaleups, to help them realize their economic and societal impact objectives. 


What can Access to Finance do for you?

Under the EIT Food Impact Fund, Access to Finance (A2F) can provide funding up to €300,000 per venture to implement highly innovative-associated projects (see our Terms & Conditions). In addition to the investment scheme, A2F offers to those selected candidates’ access to the EIT Food Investors community and fast-track 1:1 investor meetings, coaching and scale-up support.

Access2Finance covers three primary activities:  

  1. Direct financial support  

    EIT Food has a strong pipeline of supported entrepreneurs and startups across all development stages (LAUNCH, ACCELERATE and SCALE), which were part of our flagship and/or RIS-associated programs. We provide tailor-made services and direct financial support to the most promising startups whose activities contribute to our strategic objectives.
  2. Investors Community 

    The EIT Food Investors Community is a selective group of international impact-oriented investors who seek to invest in European agrifood startups. Matchmaking activities help EIT Food startups attract external investment through the Community. One such matchmaking activity is the annual EIT Food Venture Summit. This event gathers the main stakeholders from the European agrifood industry to facilitate access to finance for startups.  
  3. FoodSparks 

    FoodSparks® is the first pan-European FoodTech seed fund and is managed by PeakBridge. FoodSparks® invests in seed and early-stage start-ups from farm to fork, and is fully embedded within the EIT Food ecosystem. Find out more or read the news article announcing the launch of the fund.


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Investor Community

The EIT Food Investor Community is a global group of investors with a share passion to build a better food system and generate impact through the power of business. The Community is open to agri-food investors across the World and the supported European agri-food start-ups seeking for smart and impact funding. As part of the Investors Community activities, the EIT Food Venture Summit is the yearly Business Creation networking event. 

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