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EIT Food strategically funds and actively supports promising agrifood startups to accelerate innovation for a healthier, sustainable food system.

Direct investment

EIT Food provides direct startup funding to high-performing agrifood businesses whose innovation activities are contributing to our core missions to create a healthier, more sustainable, and resilient food system.

Investor partners

We tailor match selected startups with agrifood investors including our core partner FoodSparks, managed by PeakBridge.

  • FoodSparks® is fully embedded into the EIT Food ecosystem. Investment-ready start-ups supported in EIT Food programmes have direct access to the FoodSparks® investment team
  • FoodSparks® invests in seed and early-stage start-ups from farm to fork

EIT Food Network

EIT Food’s network includes investors, industry leaders, research institutes and universities, through which we can offer a holistic approach to supporting startups in multiple dimensions

Join as a startup

To be eligible for funding through EIT Food and our partners you must be a current participant or an alumni member of one of our pan-European entrepreneurship programmes.