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Any communication activity, infrastructure, equipment and major results related to the project funded by EIT Food, must adhere to the brand guidelines. This includes a wide variety of online communication materials such as podcasts.

Get in touch with The Food Fight Podcast 

EIT Food has created and nurtured its own podcast with more than 20,000 listeners. Are you a food innovator or entrepreneur looking to transform the food system? Eager to share your story and views of tech and trends in the agrifood industry? Get in touch with us via

Our podcast branding policy

When creating a podcast, please make sure to adhere to the following:

  • When creating assets for your podcast (i.e. cover of the podcast), please make sure to follow our branding guidelines by adding the logo with the latest EU flag provided in the logopacks.

Sharing your podcast with EIT Food

When promoting your podcast/featured podcast episode, please share with us via your company social media channels by using the relevant EIT Food social media tags.