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In the following chapter, you will discover how to use and select brand-proof imagery.

Custom Imagery

EIT Food has developed custom images for colleagues and agencies to use and promote the EIT Food brand. Next to the green key image, we created images representing the four functional areas of EIT Food; innovation, education, entrepreneurship and public engagement.

Different versions of these key images are available for download below.

  • Please do not use the sub images for other purposes than promoting the corresponding functional area.
  • Do not forget to brand-proof the image with the EIT Food and EU logo.

Key image with and without arms

Education (left) and Entrepreneurship (right)

Innovation (left) and Public Engagement (right)

Selecting brand-proof images

Images help to bring stories to life and should be used wherever possible in EIT Food-branded offline and online communications. EIT Food is about food innovation, sustainability and health, and the imagery used should reflect that. Please read our imagery guide to learn how to select EIT Food-proof images.

Image templates

In addition to the image guide, we also have a range of tools and templates to help you create images. We recommend you use these templates because they adhere to the brand guidelines.