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Any communication activity, infrastructure, equipment and major results related to the project funded by EIT Food, must adhere to the brand guidelines. This includes a wide variety of online communication materials such as websites.

Your page on the EIT Food website

In most cases, you will not need to build a new EIT Food website. There are a few exceptional circumstances where a brand-new EIT Food website or microsite is required. For example, a platform such as the Startup Manual or conferences like Venture Summit or Future of Food which require technical capabilities that the main EIT Food website does not have.

All projects, regions and functional areas have dedicated pages on the EIT Food website, and we are more than happy to give you editing access and assist you in the process of updating them. With thousands of visitors coming to our website every day, these pages benefit from the overall success of the website. Make sure to check out our article on "How do I edit content on the EIT Food website?".

Building your own website

When new websites are created, you must adhere to the following guidelines and request approval from EIT Food.

More guidelines can be found within EIT’s Community Brand Book.