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In the following chapter, you will learn how to select brand-proof colours.

Our colour palette

We have chosen a colour palette within the EIT guidelines. These colours are a distinct and crucial part of our identity. When applied consistently, they provide a strong visual link across various materials and communications, making our brand instantly recognisable.

  • Our main colour is Green Pantone 368. We try to limit the use of Pantone Reflex Blue as it is not a very “foodie” colour.
  • Many more complementing colours can be found in EIT’s Brand Book.

Please note that due to different monitor settings, the logos may slightly vary from the printed colours. The RGB format (Red, Green Blue) is used for monitor screens.

Please make use of the CMYK format (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) for printing purposes to avoid variations in colours. You can find assets divided per RGB and CMYK folders in our logopacks.

Which of the following colours combinations adhere to the EIT Food brand guidelines?