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How to use the EIT Food & EU logo

In the following chapter, you will discover how to correctly use the EIT Food logo and EU emblem in your communication activities.

Use the full colour version of the EIT Food logo whenever and wherever possible. The full colour logo is one of the most visible parts of our identity.

  • The EIT Food logo must always be accompanied by the EU flag and sentence acknowledging EU support.
  • The width of the EU flag must be the same width as the outer EIT circles, as shown below.
  • The EU logo must be displayed at least as prominently and visibly as the EIT Food logo and other logos.
  • Both logos must be visible at first glance e.g. on the front cover of publications, in the header of a website, at the top of a newsletter. More detailed guidelines can be found in each section.

Transition to Horizon Europe

With the transition to Horizon Europe, changes also came into effect regarding our brand guidelines. Going forwards, all EIT Food-funded activities should always use the EU emblem accompanied by the text “Co-funded by the European Union” in conjunction with the EIT Food logo.

New EU Logo (Horizon Europe)

Old EU Logo (H2020)

Logos for EIT Community activities

The EIT Community logos will be used instead of the EIT Food logo when three or more KICs (including EIT Food) communicate together, as described in the EIT Community Brand Book.

Also, note that all EIT Community activities need to use the EIT Community logo with the “Funded” version of the EU logo.

EU Logo for exceptions

There is one exception; activities that are solely funded by the EIT and European Union should use the “Funded” version of the EU logo. This includes EIT’s Higher Education Initiative (HEI) and joint EIT Community activities such as Cross-KIC.

Minimum sizing

A minimum size has been established to ensure that the EIT Food & EU logo are reproduced correctly at small sizes, clearly legible and provide strong identification.

The logo must never be used smaller than the indicated sizes:

  • For printed applications (e.g. offset printing), the height should not be less than 14mm.
  • For websites, the height should not be smaller than 36 pixels.
  • When using techniques of low quality (e.g. screen-printing), use the logo at a larger size.

Alternative versions of the logos

The full colour EIT Food & EU logos are the preferred version on all materials and communications. Alternative versions of the logos should only be used when full colour cannot be applied e.g. in case of contrasting issues (a dark blue background).

Another reversed logo, this version retains the full colour EIT Food Brandmark, offset by a white keyline. This version can be used when the colouring of the brandmark needs to be retained.

Reversed logo all-white

Previously, this all-white reversed EU logo was also used when the full colour version could not be applied. However, this version is only allowed for merchandising. Please do not continue using this version in your (online) communication assets and channels.

For merchandise purposes or temporary signage, where printing restrictions may apply, please consult our Merchandise section.

Regional Innovation Scheme

The EIT has decided to discontinue the EIT RIS logo. When communicating about Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), the EIT Food logo must be used. Do not forget to accompany it with the EU logo.

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