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Our brand guidelines do not only apply to communications that are developed for online purposes, they are also applicable to any offline communication activity, infrastructure and equipment related to the EIT Food-funded project, such as merchandise.

Given the recent updates from EIT on the EU logo, it is impossible to already provide examples with the new flag for all types of materials. When available, the pictures on this page will be updated, following the new rules. Please visit this link for the correct use of the EU logo.

How to brand-proof your merchandise

The brand guidelines also apply to merchandise, including T-shirts, ballpoint pens, gadgets, etc. The EIT Food and EU logo should be visible on any merchandise item, except when the printing size is too small. Exceptions can be requested by contacting us and including a picture of the item.

Before printing, make sure to select the CMYK format of the logo.
For more information, check the Colours section.

Example: Mr.Greenish

Take a look at this great example of our logo used in packaging by Mr.Greenish

Please note that using the all-white logo of the EU flag is NOT possible anymore. Make use of the coloured version as indicated in our section "How to use the EIT Food & EU logo".

Only a few exceptions are made. Please contact us to confirm.