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Our brand guidelines do not only apply to communications that are developed for online purposes, they are also applicable to any offline communication activity, infrastructure and equipment related to the EIT Food-funded project, such as prints.

Given the recent updates from EIT on the EU logo, it is impossible to already provide examples with the new flag for all types of materials. When available, the pictures on this page will be updated, following the new rules. Please visit this link for the correct use of the EU logo.

How to brand-proof your prints

Similarly to online reports, both the EIT Food and EU logo must be showcased with similar exposure on the front of prints such as leaflets, flyers, posters, reports, etc. Including them on the inside or back cover is not sufficient.

Before printing, make sure to select the CMYK format of the logo.
For more information, check the Colours section.

Use our prints to save time and money!

Over the years, we have developed an extensive set of prints to use and promote the EIT Food Brand. Before developing any new printing materials, it is worth checking if similar material(s) exist to save time and money. However, (brilliant) suggestions for prints can always be made to the Communications Team! The prints are currently being updated with the new EU flag and will be published soon.