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Communicating about a Partnership

We are happy to have you within our network and working with us towards a more sustainable, trusted and healthy food system.

Funding & Communication Activities

As outlined in article 44 of the FPA, any communication activity related to the specific actions as well as any infrastructure, equipment and major results funded by the specific grants must:

  1. display the EIT Food logo as adopted by the EIT;
  2. display the EU emblem;
  3. follow the brand guidelines outlined in the EIT Community Brand Book.

Next to respecting the brand guidelines, stakeholders must promote the specific action and its results by providing targeted information to multiple audiences in a strategic and effective manner. Not adhering to these guidelines might negatively affect competitive funding.

Thirdly, before engaging in a communication activity expected to have a major media impact, EIT Food Communication must be informed at least 4 weeks beforehand. A major possible media impact is defined as a press release to journalists, TV or Radio airtime or any publication in a newspaper.

Working together towards the same goal

We believe that displaying our logos on your corporate website would create more synergies among all partners working towards the same vision and help citizens identify our collaboration under the same framework.

Therefore, we would highly appreciate:

Displaying both logos is a matter related to EIT branding requirements, as explained further in the branding guidelines. To facilitate easy implementation, you can download the files via the link below.