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Typography and Grammar

In the following chapter, you will learn how to maintain brand-proof typography and grammar.


Titillium is our primary typeface to use in printed documents and on websites. It is a fresh modern typeface that reflects our personality. The full type family can be downloaded free of charge.



Calibri and Calibri Light are the alternative typefaces for documents created with MS Office programmes e.g. Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as emails and electronic signatures. Calibri should only be used where the document being worked on will be sent to end-users unlikely to have Titillium installed on their computer.


Next to logos, colours and fonts, grammar is an important element of branding. The same grammar must be used across the EIT Food brand and in our wording to safeguard a professional brand identity.

  • We adopt the British English spelling standard. For example, organisation (UK) vs organization (US)​, centre (UK) vs center (US), programme (UK) vs program (US).
  • We avoid hyphens and spaces. This is the spelling of our most frequently used words: ​
    • EIT Food​
    • Startups​
    • Agrifood​
    • Scaleups​
    • RisingFoodStar​s