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Vaxa has developed a disruptive new technology platform perfecting the cultivation of Omega-3 rich micro-algae. Bringing a new scientific approach, our technology, as compared to the current state of the art, requires less than 1% of the fresh water, less than 1% of the land footprint and is carbon negative. We are constantly improving the growth and performance of each strain using machine learning and data analytics techniques. 

Competences & Capabilities

  • First indoor controlled omega-3 & production from micro algae 
  • Consistent composition, pathogen-free, bio-secured 
  • Less than 1% of freshwater and land 
  • Negative CO2 footprint 
  • Strong IP and know-how 
  • 5 times omega-3 composition,10 times yield 
  • 1/5 production cost 
  • Enables a unique offering for large addressable markets 
  • Aquaculture – hatchery, polishing feed 
  • Human supplements, colourants, protein 
  • Experienced management & scientific team 
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