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ISP - Isolation and Application of Plant-based Ice Structuring Proteins in Frozen Foods

Temperature fluctuations during storage of frozen foods result in big chunks of ice causing major quality defects of the product. A controlled deceleration of recrystallization processes can be achieved by specific ice structuring proteins (ISP). So far, the only food-grade available ISP are based on animal or GMO sources.


In this project, we focus on the upscaled isolation of ISP from plant materials and their application in ice cream and bakery products. The following objectives will be accomplished with combined capabilities from academia and industry: enhanced product quality and shelf life, reduced fractions of sugar and additives in ice-cream and valorization of so far unused plant sources. The outcome will contribute to a healthier nutrition and increased sustainability. The tasks to be performed include field plant cultivation, scale-up of the isolation process, development of customized ISP compounds and their application in selected food products.


Project lead

V Lammers Pic

V Lammers


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