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PROVE - Functionalisation and valorisation of PROteins of VEgetable sources

As the world’s population continuously grows, achieving global food security, producing sufficient nutritious food that everyone can access, and doing so sustainably, is one of the greatest challenges faced today.


In 2012, FAO estimated that food production needs to increase with 60-70% to feed ±9.2 bio people by 2050. The growing demand for food cannot be covered only by increased production of existing sources. We will need to tap into new sources and valorise existing side-streams as food ingredients. A key challenge for future food security in EU is meeting demand for sustainable, domestic-grown, plant-based protein. This project aims at developing sustainable plant-based protein sources for innovative bakery (e.g. bread, fillings, etc.) and patisserie [e.g. (sponge) cakes, fillings, ..] applications. It addresses consumer demands in terms of health, nutritional, and sensory quality and brings a step-change to new product development with cleaner and more sustainable processes.

Project lead

Bram Pareyt
Bram Pareyt