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Tasty Macronutrients: How to best use novel plant protein – carbohydrate based ingredients in foods?

A new class of plant-based ingredients based on smart combinations of plant proteins and polysaccharides has been developed by the participating industrial and academic partners.


These ingredients can be physically (coacervates), chemically (conjugates) or enzymatically formed. They could be ideally suited to support various product development platforms, such as e.g. the envisioned “MyYogurth” platform. While the ingredients are ready to be used, it is not yet clear, which ones are best suited to deliver desired taste and texture functionalities in a specific product category. This is a challenge ideally suited for a student team to develop concepts on how to optimize simultaneously texture and flavour to improve consumer choice and acceptability. The herein proposed team exercise will provide students with the opportunity to work collaboratively with industry and academic mentors in multidisciplinary teams. Mobility actions will allow students to build an early professional network.


Project lead