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Glucanova   was   founded   in   2012   with   focus   on   IP   protected   fiber   rich   liquid   oat   ingredients   and   technologies.  Our  vision  is  to  address  global  health  and     sustainability     concerns     with     documented     healthy  liquid  oat  fiber  products.  We  work  closely  in  cooperation with Lund University and a large external network  of  world  class  expertise  which  means  that  our innovations and deliverables are the result of well documented scientific findings.

Competences & Capabilities

Glucanova capabilities are based on full upstream as well  as  downstream  integration  in  the  value  chain.    Those  capabilities  contribute  to  a  business  focused  innovation pipeline based on our liquid oat technology:

  • Oat science and technology
  • Enzyme technology
  • Oat  breeding,  production  and  selection  via  part  ownership in
  • Milling and dry processing
  • As   innovation   partner:   product   and   concept   development
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