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Nutrition for Health and Sustainability

Explore the relationship between nutrition, health and sustainability and understand how healthy eating can prevent disease.


Course overview

Explore the relationship between health, nutrition, and sustainability

Diet is the biggest single risk factor for preventable diseases in the world and a key driver of diabetes, heart disease, and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs). On this course, you’ll look at what makes up a healthy diet, and see what types of foods play a crucial part in preventing diseases and improving wellbeing.

Investigate the potential causes of unhealthy eating patterns

Currently, a key obstacle to medical professionals playing a stronger role in food systems transformation is their lack of training in nutrition. If medical doctors had better knowledge of the link between food, health, nutrition, and sustainability, then they could play an active role in transforming our food system. You’ll build your understanding of the relationship between food and disease. You’ll also reflect on the possible biological, social, and psychological causes of unhealthy eating patterns, and interpret the importance of evidence-based nutrition.

Discover the importance of a sustainable diet

You’ll explore different forms of sustainable diet and how to apply current health guidelines to different groups of people based on their current life stage and health. By understanding the link between food, nutrition, diets, and sustainability, you’ll be able to more effectively assess human health at different life stages.

Understand the diagnosis, management, and treatment of NCDs

By interpreting and analysing evidence-based nutrition reports, you’ll be able to identify which foods are essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, as well as which ingredients can help treat and prevent various diseases. You’ll also develop skills to have conversations with people about improving their diet for health benefit.

Who should join the course

This course has been designed for medical students or people working in the healthcare sector.

Professionals in the medical sector will find this course useful for providing an up to date analysis of topical nutrition debates.


The course will have multiple runs from 19th July 2021 onwards.

How to join the course 

This course is available on FutureLearn:



Project lead

Vivien Bodereau

Vivien Bodereau

Education Programme Manager

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