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Focus on Farmers
Focus on Farmers

Focus on Farmers

Agricultural technologies and innovations offer significant opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of farm businesses, through optimised yields, reduced environmental impact and increased profitability.

However, farmer adoption of these technologies is often limited and therefore the benefits are not realised. This project builds on the 2018 EIT Food Educating for Technology Take-off (ETTO) project. The 2019 project will include the unique recruitment of farmer champions and technology ambassadors (including stakeholders giving consultancy to farmers) who will be trained in relevant aspects of technology and then they will become the trainer. Alongside world-leading industry and academic institutes, the farmer champions and technology ambassadors will develop engagement activities where they will be responsible for encouraging the wider farming community in the UK/Ireland, Germany and Italy.


The following partners are involved in the project

ABP Food Group
Queen’s University of Belfast
University of Turin
University of Reading
University of Hohenheim

Project Lead

Gillian Rose

University of Reading

Contact details

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