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Sustainable fertiliser from beef slaughtering biogas digested sludge. Digested sludge upgrading and converting into a recognised fertiliser

Using waste and by-products to create a novel organic fertiliser


This project aims to use waste and by-products which are created as part of the beef slaughter process to develop an organic nitrogen and phosphorus fertiliser.    

The thermal processes, condition and soil nutrition performance of the fertiliser will be explored in order to ensure it is used in a safe and productive way. This will reduce the use of chemical fertilisers on soil and improve the energy-recovering rate of the plants involved. It will also support the slaughter industry in the transition to a circular economy approach by using the by-products and organic waste generated by the activity, increasing the sustainability of the whole beef supply chain. 


Project lead

Sorlini Lugaresi, (Giovanni Mario)
Sorlini Lugaresi, (Giovanni Mario)

Activity Leader

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