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Innovation in Arable Farming: Technologies for sustainable farming system

Explore how innovative, digital technologies can help achieve sustainable intensification of arable farming systems.


Consider ways arable farmers in the EU can use agri-tech to benefit business Intensification of arable farming systems can be achieved through the adoption of innovative technologies, without negatively impacting the environment. However, uptake of these technologies by farmers across the EU has been limited.

On this course, you’ll explore evidence-based information that outlines the benefits and challenges of adopting new technologies within the EU, and have the chance to read case study examples of some of these applications.

You’ll learn from other farmers who have already adopted agri-tech on their farm and hear how they overcame any barriers to adoption. You’ll also evaluate the potential of agri-tech to enhance production while meeting environmental and social responsibilities.


By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to:

  • Improve your knowledge on the concepts of precision agriculture and sustainable intensification and the impact these can have on farming systems
  • Compare the different technologies that can be used to increase productivity and know how to work out yields to profit
  • Explore how to use agri-tech to help reduce environmental impacts of farm practices.
  • Identify which skills are necessary to implement new data-driven arable farming techniques
  • Develop an action plan for precision farming

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Audience & Eligibility

This course would appeal to individuals working in the agricultural industry – including farmers, growers, and other primary producers. It would also benefit environmental sector workers, farm advisors, agronomists, agricultural extension workers, inputs supply companies, agri-tech developers, and others who wish to develop their knowledge in this expanding area.







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Structure & Modules

Week 1: Technology and sustainability

  • Sustainable farming
  • What do farmers say?

Week 2: Precision techniques and economic sustainability

  • Precision techniques
  • Map-based technologies for financial sustainability

Week 3: Social and environmental sustainability

  • Social considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Making it work for me
  • The future for farming

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