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The V-PLACE – Enabling consumer choice in Vegan or Vegetarian Food Products

The demand for vegan and vegetarian food products including alternatives to meat, milk, or eggs, has expanded considerably during recent years in Europe.


For many consumers wanting to replace products of animal origin partly or completely with plant-based food products, the search for the right information including the avoidance of nutritional deficits is a challenge. The V-PLACE has set out to empower consumer choices in an easily accessible and consumer-centric manner. Informative and science-based articles on FoodUnfolded are targeting consumers for in-depth details about their preferred diet (omnivore, flexitarian, pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan) in an easy and understandable way.

In the market of food products, significant growth is predicted via mass-market substitutions rather than expansion of niche products. There is an identified need to research and actualize the knowledge about consumer expectations, attitudes, and needs to adopt current strategies accordingly.

The V-PLACE looks at the interplay of product properties, expectations, and communication on vegan and vegetarian food products, including ingredients and health properties (perceived and expected), via consumer studies in the form of qualitative expert interviews and a large-scale European quantitative consumer study in 5 countries. Results will be made available in the form of two White Papers that display the results in an entertaining and easily accessible form

Find the download for the White Paper on the results of the expert interviews below:

Project lead

Susanne Braun Pic

Susanne Braun

Project Lead

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