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EcoPack: Finding solutions to enable consumers and retailers to pack on-the-go items in grocery stores ecologically

EcoPack is a competition challenging 24 Master and PhD students of 3 Universities to develop new and innovative solutions.


The solutions include

  • Reducing the amount of plastic bags used by consumers in supermarkets to pack on-the-go items (e.g. fruits, vegetables, breads);
  • Replacing shrink-wrappings that are usually applied to pack 2+ stock units (e.g. cereals) by using more sustainable packaging materials (e.g. leaf-based, fiber-based or grass-based) to develop carriers that are both convenient for consumers and feasible for retailers.

Multi-disciplinary teams of 4 students (2 teams/university) will tackle these challenges by developing prototypes and a business case for each proposed solution. Experts from the packaging industry, retail and academia will act as advisors to ensure valid and realistic “solutions” are developed, supporting student groups via regular meetings throughout the year. Finally, EcoPack ends with a competition and judging event with participating teams.


Project lead