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Transparent Food Supply Chains – Entrepreneurial Summer School

Transparent Food Supply Chains – Entrepreneurial Summer School

Challenges in today’s Food System are complex and interconnected – to address them, innovative solutions along the entire value chain are required. 


Do you want to create innovative digital solutions that meet Consumer  & Industry demand for food production transparency, and develop a business idea?

A school for talented Master, PhD students and young professionals across Europe who want to fuel innovation  in our food systems, by tackling the challenge of transparent food chains.

Digitalisation of traceability can improve the safety, efficiency, value and sustainability of food chains and increase consumer trust. 

This summer school responds to the need to support a new circular economy and to develop new talent in the multidisciplinary issues related to transparent food value chains, and create start up ideas!  

The purpose of the summer school is to discuss the latest developments in digital systems that promote value chain linkages, and identify gaps and opportunities to build businesses solutions that would meet demands for transparency.  This entrepreneurial  School offers a unique, intensive immersion into the world of transparent food value chains. The school starts with an introductory on line platform,  and ends into a one week bootcamp. The participants, with diverse background will be generating and testing business ideas in the new reality of digitalization of food systems!


The purpose of the school is to provide backround on topics related to transparent value chains,  and bring state of the art tools related to digital technologies, sensors, and how to include them in supply chain solutions that would improve value, garantee safety and quality and improve consumer trust for the food system.

There will be an online platform to set the frame and provide the setting for the challenge,  and an intensive one week training ONLINE to give the opportunity to learn from highly qualified mentors,  listen to innovators in the field.  The participants will generate an idea, tested and defend it using entrepreneurship tools.  

During the in class challenge,  participants will work in groups to develop and pitch the ideas, and strengthen their business case together with the mentors. 


This program aims at collecting multidisciplinary teams,  and is targeted to master students, PhD students and young professionals that want to learn about the digital transparent food chain reality, and want to develop their skills to find new business solutions.



Online platform will open August 23, 2020

The bootcamp will be held September 7-11 ONLINE

Applications must be submitted by August 15, 2020


The following partners are involved in the project

University of Turin
Aarhus University

Project Lead

Milena Corredig

University of Aarhus

Contact details

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