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Big data and advanced analytics for sustainable management of the dairy cattle sector

Improving sustainability, animal welfare and productivity in dairy farming


The aim of this project is to improve sustainability, animal welfare and productivity in dairy farming through the use of advanced data analytics.  

Livestock farms routinely produce and monitor data relating to environmental conditions, animal behaviour, and production parameters. Similarly, milk quality reports at dairies and labs are often logged for long-term analysis. The development of data-driven platforms and solutions which bring all this separate data together could be used to enhance decision-making and improve the sustainability of the agrifood system.  

This project will bring all this information together by developing a system which integrates and harmonises the different data types. The outcomes of this will be used by stakeholders in the dairy farming sector to improve their decision-making processes relating to sustainability, animal welfare and productivity. 


Project lead

Patrizia Tassinari

Patrizia Tassinari

Activity Leader

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