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Candidate profile

During the recruitment process, we will look for young passionate people from higher education upon the return to their homes EIT RIS countries, will spur a wave of entrepreneurial innovations and support the development of the local agri-food ecosystem.

RIS Talents is dedicated to doctoral students and young post-docs. Applicants will benefit from lessons learned in R&D works and they will also be encouraged to engage in industrial collaboration or entrepreneurship during their internship. RIS Talents interns will have an opportunity to develop critical thinking competence by participating in innovation projects, R&D projects led by host companies organisations. RIS Talents interns will be provided with 950-2000 € scholarship/per month.

We are looking for candidate come from one of the EIT RIS countries, who:

  • Is a PhD student or postdoc;

  • Has an interest in the agri-food sector;

  • Demonstrates a proactive attitude and passion for extracurricular activities

  • Is eager to gain new experience and self-motivated in developing skills

  • Actively seeks to improve competencies in communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking

  • Possesses analytical skills, is open-minded, goal-oriented, and a team player

  • Has excellent English language proficiency and is comfortable working in an international environment

  • Is available for a minimum of 3 months from June 2024

  • Is aware of cross-country mobility allowances and health insurance requirements

(Note: a detailed list of EIT RIS countries can be found on the website)


RIS Talents interns will enhance the global connections of young scholars with top agri-food industry leaders, bring cutting-edge expertise to EIT RIS nations, promote industrial focus in academic studies, and draw skilled individuals from outside food science to the agri-food field.

Interns’ recruitment procedure

  1. 1st February - 8th March 2024

    STAGE 1 online application

    • Fill out the online form at DreamApply
    • Submit a 1-minute self-video
  2. 1st May - 1st August 2024

    STAGE 2 online interview with host companies

    • Top candidates will be matched to internship areas and R&D projects based on evaluations
    • Candidates will participate in online interviews with host companies

    Based on the evaluation of candidates made at the first and second stage of the selection process, the project’s experts will match the candidates to internship areas and topics of R&D projects identified by the host companies. Candidates will be invited to the on-line interview with different host companies representatives.

    On-line interviews will be held in May/June. Based on interviews, the top candidates will be selected for internships in host companies.