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The RIS Fellowships program is dedicated to recruiting highly motivated and passionate MSc students and graduates from EIT RIS countries. Through this program, candidates will have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in practical work contexts and develop their creative problem-solving skills at host organisations. This will foster a wave of entrepreneurial innovation in their home countries and support the development of the local agri-food ecosystem.

As an intern in the RIS Fellowships program, candidates will gain hands-on experience in the food industry and strengthen their job-related skills and competencies, including analytical thinking and creative problem-solving. They will be engaged in learning-by-doing activities at their host company, which may include internal projects or day-to-day tasks.

In terms of financial support, RIS Fellowships interns will be provided with a scholarship of 850-1500 € per month, depending on the mode of the program.

We are seeking a highly qualified and motivated candidate from one of the EIT RIS countries.

The ideal candidate for the RIS Fellowship should meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree completed
  • Being a MSc student or graduate
  • Passion for the agri-food sector
  • Proactive and passionate about extracurricular activities
  • Willing to gain new experience, develop competencies and motivated
  • Strong analytical skills, open-minded, goal-oriented, and a team player
  • Fluent in English and able to work in an international environment
  • Available for a minimum of 3 months from July 2024
  • Awareness of cross-country mobility allowances and health insurance

(Note: a detailed list of EIT RIS countries can be found on the website)


RIS Fellowships candidates will benefit from professional recruitment process with corporate background as well as online recruitment workshop with HR advisors, which stimulate analytical skills and creative problem solving. Fellows will supplement traditional higher education curricula, offering competences development as well as developing entrepreneurial talents who will act as role models upon return to their home countries.

  1. 1st February - 8th March 2024

    STAGE 1 Online application


    Candidates will be required to complete all sections of an online form and submit a 1-minute self-video.

  2. May 2024

    STAGE 2 Online workshop


    The 2nd stage of the selection process involves participating in one-day online workshops where candidates will work on group case studies and will be assessed by a professional HR team. The purpose of the workshops is to familiarise candidates with working in an international environment, provide an overview of the food industry and its challenges, and improve job-related skills. The list of available workshops will be available in May 2024 and the best participants will be shortlisted.

  3. July 2024

    STAGE 3 Online interview with host companies


    The 3rd stage involves on-line interviews with host companies, based on the evaluations from the first and second stages. Candidates will be matched to internship areas and R&D projects identified by the host companies. Interviews will take place in June/july 2024, and the top candidates will be selected for internships with the host companies.