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The Future of Protein & the Protein of the Future in Europe

The Future of Protein & the Protein of the Future in Europe

Based on an increasing global demand for protein and that the resulting pressure on traditional animal sources is nowadays considered unsustainable, there is an urgent need of new sustainable protein alternatives with a high nutritional quality, safe and with technological functionalities that satisfy the consumer needs and expectations. 

This project will bring together key stakeholders in Europe (from academia, industry, safety authorities, policy makers and consumers) to debate about the protein challenge from a technological, nutritional, economic, environmental, legislative and social point of view.   

By doing so, FutureProtein aims to raise awareness and achieve consensus with all actors of the value chain on the main challenges, barriers and constraints that the research on new proteins will have to tackle, but also on a clear identificaction of opportunities offered in the coming years. 

Thus, it is expected that the collaboration of stakeholders from industry, research institutions, consumer and authorities in the planned activities will help to identify the key areas where specific actions are needed and provide the basis for better focused, sustainable, competitive and consumer-oriented R&D strategies, projects and solutions. 


A dialog will be established with the consumer for the identification of their beliefs, perceptions and expectancies towards protein consumption and these new alternative sources. It is expected that this activity will also help raising the awareness on important interesting aspects of the new proteins and get the attention of the society on the EITFood research on this field. 

The different aspects will be discussed between experts and stakeholders in a thematic workshop that will provide conclusions on what are the needs and opportunities in the protein research and market for the coming years. 

Further activities to boost networking and collaboration of all stakeholders on protein research and development will be proposed for the following years. 


The FUTURE PROTEIN manifesto

The following document results from the conclusions of a consumer survey and the expert’s and stakeholder’s workshop that took place the 19 November 2020, during the project.

See the document here. 

FUTURE PROTEIN Workshop: minutes and conclusions 

The FUTURE PROTEIN workshop consisted of a series of talks by experts from academia, food industry, food retail and regulatory bodies on aspects of consumer, nutrition, technology, regulatory and commercial needs, challenges and attention points in the production and use of alternative proteins as food ingredients. The following document resumes the mminutes and conclusions of the event. 

See the document here. 


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University

Project Lead

Carlos Bald


Contact details

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