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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft        zur        Förderung        der        angewandten     Forschung     e.V.     is     the     leading     organisation  for  applied  research  in  Europe,  with  a  staff of 26,600 at 72 institutes and research units in Germany and subsidiaries in Europe, North and South America  as  well  as  Representive  Offices  in  Asia,  the  Middle  East  and  Africa.  As  an  innovation  driver  we  lead  strategic  initiatives  to  master  future  challenges  and  thus  more  than  70  percent  of  revenues  is  from  contract research.

Competences & Capabilities

Our core competencies with respect to EIT Food are:

  • Food and packaging technology
  • Multi-sensory  product  perception  and  consumer  preference
  • Food quality and safety including visual inspection systems
  • New technologies for the protection of crop plants and food sources
  • Environmental    biotechnology    and    bioprocess    engineering
  • Resource   efficient   processing   in   Industry   4.0   environment
  • New solutions for material flow and logistics

Our capabilities cover also pilot plant facilities.

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Using rapeseed protein to produce dairy alternatives
EIT Food’s Professional Development Framework aims to provide a key resource for the food sector by creating an integrated approach to develop a skilled, innovative workforce.
REGISTRATION CLOSED! we are now full The aim of this online professional development course is to provide introductory training and theory in algal biology, culturing, growth and biotechnology under laboratory and small scale pilot…
Application of fungi protein in the development of sustainable and healthy food products.
Creating an innovative food antioxidant from Olive oil by-products
Excessive sugar consumption is a contributing factor for a variety of non-communicable diseases (e.g. Type 2 diabetes, that currently affects 9% of the global population).
Spreads are very popular. However, they consist of a high percentage of saturated fatty acids, often based on palm fat, sometimes also including trans-fat.
Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier products to fulfil their personalised nutrition needs and more natural foods (clean label) in which they can put their trust. Both are nowadays key and challenge drivers for the food industry.
Food safety is one of the major concerns in food production. Improving tracking & tracing especially for the management of food safety events can lead to a faster reaction time and elimination of potentially hazardous products, thus…
The organic food supply system in Europe must rank among one of the most important in terms of trust. Our citizens make purchasing choices around organic food based on a wide range of issues which include sustainability, ethics, food…
Knowledge of the food constituents (e.g. protein, carbohydrates) is important for consumers as indicators of nutritional value as well as for the food producers concerning processing quality.
Making paper packaging more recyclable and versatile
Based on an increasing global demand for protein and that the resulting pressure on traditional animal sources is nowadays considered unsustainable, there is an urgent need of new sustainable protein alternatives with a high nutritional…
This programme incorporates new physical technologies in the extraction of the virgin olive oil process in order to produce oils with a higher amount of minor components with higher preventive effects such as polyphenols and tocopherols.
We aim to design innovation led packaging for red meat, fish & poultry made from material derived from agrifood waste. The issue of waste plastic in the food industry has led to strong consumer demand for producers & retailers to…
regional news
EIT Food is looking for a partner to help us deliver TeamUp - a Startup Team Builder programme of EIT Food.
We send a warm welcome to our new partners who are now joining the EIT Food Community: 6 Core Partners, 4 Network Partners and 2 associate partners. Each of these organisations brings considerable expertise and experience to support our…