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PACK4SENSE: Paper packaging for SENSitivE foods

Making paper packaging more recyclable and versatile


The PACK4SENSE project aims to develop solutions to improve paper packaging for food. 

There is increasing demand from consumers, brand owners and regulators for more sustainable packaging solutions, and it is therefore not surprising that paperboard packaging is experiencing a revival.  

High barrier coatings mean that cardboard can be used for packaging sensitive foods, providing humidity protection, sealing properties and oxygen permeability. However, due to the strict recyclability standards in all major European markets and the complexity of the laminates used in the coatings, recycling of this type of packaging remains tremendously challenging. The formability of the paper, especially for deeper shapes, can also be a barrier to use.   

PACK4SENSE will redesign paper packaging material, testing different coatings and laminates while respecting the geometry of the current packaging format. The project also aims to develop technology that facilitates the recycling process. Consumer studies will test user expectation and acceptance of the packaging solutions.   

The newly developed solutions will create new market opportunities which displace current hard-to-recycle plastics and paperboard formats with versatile, recyclable paper packaging materials.  


Project lead

Carlier, VC (Veerle)
Carlier, VC (Veerle)

Activity Leader

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