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OLEOGELS – healthy and sustainable replacement for saturated fat and palm oil in spreads

Spreads are very popular. However, they consist of a high percentage of saturated fatty acids, often based on palm fat, sometimes also including trans-fat.


Their base fat systems show a great potential for optimization regarding their nutritional and sustainability value. In the current activity, spreads with improved fatty acid profiles shall be developed. Therefore, a combination of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and structuring ingredients will be used, whereas the sensorial and textural properties shall be maintained while the nutrient profile will be improved. To reach this aim, technologies are required which enable the immobilization of the unsaturated fatty acids. This will be enabled by the development and application of oleogel systems or crystallised fat in oil mixtures or combinations of both.


Project lead

Christian Zacherl Pic
Zacherl, CZ (Christian)

Activity Leader

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