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inPaper: Innovative paper-based packaging technology and pack styles for food products

Packaging needs to become more sustainable!


China is restricting plastic waste imports. Some countries have raised taxes on plastic bags or a complete ban. Within the food and packaging industry, there is an uncertainty about sustainable packaging solutions. Paper as packaging material is experiencing a revival, as it is perceived as high value and environmentally friendly by consumers. The capabilities of paper packaging are progressing and barrier properties and formability are being developed. The impact of materials, forming tools and forming procedures will be studied. The result will be a system of parameters and techniques for process and packaging innovation. Imagine if paper were to be used just as plastic in the packaging industry today, but without the negative effects on our environment. Within this activity, suitable products for paper-packaging will be identified, the process developed, technically adapted to what consumers expect and the solution will undergo final consumer tests.


Project lead

Matthias Klauser Pic

Matthias Klauser


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