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SuReBiC: Sugar reduced biscuits and cakes that meet consumer sensory, naturalness and cost expectations

Reducing sugar consumption is essential for health but a huge challenge for the food industry.


WHO recommendations are being enforced through government guidelines and taxes. Reducing sugar in food matrices is not just simply replacing sweetness, it has functional properties too which impact on the final product texture. Consumers want to reduce sugar, they are looking for clean labels they can trust, added value and an affordable price. This project creates a food solution system that will address these problems and deliver sugar reduced fortified foods. Looking at convenience and children, we will start with biscuits and cakes as the first two product categories. The project will leverage unique sugar-based technology from DouxMatok to reduce sugar, yet also deliver functional, nutritional and flavour benefits plus consumer value through the expertise of Givaudan, UoR, Puratos and Strauss.


Project lead

Julia Rodriguez Garcia
Julia Rodriguez Garcia

University of Reading