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SmartBreakfast: New Food Products for Innovative Home Appliances

Breakfast gives you a chance to start the day with a customized, tasty, healthy and nutritious meal, so you can perform better during the day.


As suggested by a nutritionist, breakfast may vary from the stage in life, but in general, breakfast is essential to get the “first shot” of energy for the day. The target group would be decided after the first consumer questionnaire (end of 2017), to choose the focus group based on real answers. As time is usually a limitation; a tasty, fresh, nutritious, convenient and quick breakfast gives the flexibility to support this important meal during the day. The combinations of smart appliances and healthy ingredients that enable the nutritious, quick and flexible breakfast would have an impact on consumers' lifestyle. This activity aims to use smart appliances (Flatev, Eskesso, Natural machines) to be used for the preparation of a customised fresh, tasty, nutritious, healthy (Puratos, Azti) breakfast in a convenient way.


Project lead

Clara Talens
Clara Talens

Activity Leader