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Tilkal provides a leading blockchain-based Supply chain Traceability & Transparency Platform. With the need for better resilience and security (recalls), the consumer demand for transparency, and the fast evolution of the EU/US legislation calling for more traceability and accountability of actors, traceability is becoming a real “license to operate” for food companies. They need the ability to track their products end-to-end, batch by batch, to prove origin & impact from raw materials to end products.

Uniquely, Tilkal combines blockchain, novel AI & data analytics algorithms to create a full digital representation of the supply chain, and an accountable view of the lifecycle of any product or raw material, up to recycling.

Using Tilkal, companies access unprecedented risk analysis and decision-making support (anomaly detection, alerts, KPIs, end-to-end product recall tracking), and can improve control, sourcing, compliance, and transparency.

Traceability - Digital Product Passport B2B/B2C - Chain of Custody - Compliance - Non-financial reporting - Risk Management

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