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The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (INRAE) is a major player globally in research and innovation. Gathering a community of 12,000 people with 273 units including fundamental and experimental research, spread out throughout 18 regional centres in France.

Internationally, INRAE is among the top research organisations in agricultural and food sciences, plant and animal sciences, as well as in ecology and environmental science. It is the world’s leading research organisation specialising in agriculture, food and the environment.

Faced with a growing world population, climate change, the depletion of resources and declining biodiversity, the Institute has a major role to play in providing the knowledge base supporting the necessary acceleration of agricultural, food and environmental transitions, to address the major global challenges.

Competences & Capabilities: 

EIT Food and its partner community aim at achieving their vision by targeting four impact goals: 

- Improvement in conditions leading to more trust in the food system; 
- Better health outcomes from our diet;
- Improved food system environmental impact;
- Enabling transition to a circular, sustainable food economy.

Although work maybe regrouped somehow differently, INRAE major themes are pretty close to those of EIT Food, with the overarching goal of promoting sustainable development:
- Climate change and risks;
- Agroecology;
- Biodiversity;
- Food, global health;
- Bioeconomy;
- Society and regional strategies.

Hence, by joining EIT Food, INRAE aims at enhancing INRAE 2030, i.e. building a sustainable future through shared science and innovation.

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