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Founded in Belgium, EuroFIR AISBL is a non-profit- international member-based association. Its purpose is to develop, harmonise and deliver high-quality food composition data, and supporting information, underpinning food and public health research throughout Europe. EuroFIR brings together 36 food composition datasets from EU Member States, Canada, USA, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and North African Countries. Members and clients include individuals, organisations and companies, including SMEs, working in and across the food, health and IT sectors.

Competences & Capabilities

EuroFIR supports development, publication and exploitation of food composition data for research and commercial purposes, and promotes international cooperation in harmonisation of standards and access:

  • Flexible Membership Packages
  • FoodEXplorer: access to 36 food composition datasets; free access to certain datasets and for developing countries (subject to T&Cs)
  • EuroFIR Thesauri: food-specific standardised controlled vocabularies
  • eBASIS: food composition and biological effects of plant-food bioactives with putative health benefits
  • ePlantLIBRA: plant and plant-food supplement botanical information, composition (bioactives) and beneficial or harmful effects
  • Technical Discussion Groups
  • Bespoke training and consultancy
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