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Kern Tec is an Austria based Upcycling company. With tech- and supply chain innovation Kern Tec is able to turn industrial by-products into high value ingredients for the food & beverage industry but also for cosmetic and industrial applications.

Kern Tec is committed to bring unique plant based ingredients and products to the global food market created from pits from apricots, cherries and plums. These raw materials were previously seen as a side product in the global production, but with Kern Tec's technologies they can be processed into tasty, sustainable, nutritious and safe products like food & cosmetic oils, protein powders, "nut" spreads and even dairy alternatives. The seeds can be called as the most sustainable nuts that ever existed with plenty of applications and opportunities to come.


  • Innovative supply chain management
  • Fruit pit production with a capacity of several thousand tons per year
  • Extracting cyanides from the raw material with a proprietary technology
  • Developing applications for the unique ingredients like spreads, dairy alternatives, protein powders and many more.

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