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Orkídea is an innovation centre located in S-Iceland aiming to promote and facilitate energy related business opportunities in rural areas especially through sustainable use of green energy in food production, biotechnology and bio-based solutions. Orkídea focuses on value creation through valorisation of biological renewable resources and aims to promote research and development based on cross-sectoral collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, universities and research institutes. Orkídea staff has long and successful experience in taking part in and coordinating large international projects, including FP6, FP7, H2020 and MSCA projects.

Behind Orkídea are four founding partners; Landsvirkjun power company, the Association of municipalities in Southern Iceland, the Agricultural University of Iceland and the Ministry of Industries and Innovation.

Competences & Capabilities

- We have direct contacts with sector organisations, individual innovators and SMEs in agriculture and fisheries. These contacts would like to promote resource- efficiency and circular economy e.g. through valorisation of biological renewable resources
- We can find partners for Case studies and demonstration of new solutions and technologies etc
- We can support activities relating to actor engagement/linkage, networking, training, address relevant policy areas, compilation of existing knowledge, sharing of best practice. Hence, Orkidea can contribute to multi-stakeholder and co-creation approach in EU projects.
- We can join and/or support research teams in our field of expertise
- We assist entrepreneurs in different ways e.g. by assisting them with larger grant applications to fund their product development, marketing and/or development of their business idea
- We connect entrepreneurs, companies and/or investors
- We introduce the opportunities of South-Iceland to investors and companies seeking opportunities in green energy and food production
- We disseminate interesting energy opportunities, innovative ideas and entrepreneurs to the general public through different channels including social media
- We take part as mentors in start-up accelerators

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