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Eagle  Genomics  aims  to  advance  data  science,  drive  scientific  discovery  in  the  fields  of  human  genomics  and  microbiomics  and  equip  our  customers  to  solve  some of the world’s biggest health and environmental challenges.    Ultimately,    we    want    our    software    solutions to improve lives and enable the creation of sustainable solutions.

Competences & Capabilities

With   a   particular   focus   on   the   microbiome   (the   populations   of   bacteria,   viruses   and   fungi   which   coexist   in   our   bodies,   in   the   environment   and   makeup  the  majority  of  life  on  earth)  the  unique  knowledge discovery platform helps researchers and organisations overcome siloed working practices and unite  disparate  datasets  to  transform  big  data  into  actionable insights.

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