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Prolupin   produces   unique,   premium   lupine-based   proteins  through  our  patented  extraction  process.  Our  mission  is  to  contribute  to  a  more  sustainable  food consumption by enhancing people’s and planet’s health   and   by   providing   high-value   plant-based   protein   alternatives.   Our   local   sourceable   protein   alternatives ignite the acceptance and usage without any compromise on sensorial requirements.

Competences & Capabilities

Prolupin   facilitates   the   whole   value   chain   from   planting   towards   the   process   technologies   and   further product innovation. We are focused on Sweet Blue Lupines as well as various lupine seed varieties. The  Lupine  Protein  Isolate  (LPI)  we  produce,  contain  more than 90 % of proteins in dry matter. They have very  specific  technological,  functional  and  material  properties that may shift structure, texture or sensory properties  in  food.  Our  protein  isolates  may  also  substitute milk, meat or egg in food.

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