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Foodmaestro’s  mission  is  to  help  shoppers  answer  the  simple  question,  “Can  I  eat  this?”.  Our  digital  solutions enable retailers, food manufacturers and  healthcare  to  provide  patients  and  consumers  transparency into the foods they eat and also nudge them  to  suitable  or  healthier  products  based  on  the  personal dietary needs.

Competences & Capabilities

  • E-commerce digital solutions
  • Dietary,  health,  and  environmental  analysis  and  scoring of consumer packaged goods
  • Android and iOS mobile application development
  • Food   industry   analytics   and   data   visualisation   tools
  • Cloud environment content activation platforms
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Improving communication of food health claims. This project builds on a previous programme of work to engage consumers and manufacturers on the wording of food health claims, with the aim of increasing consumer confidence and trust.
Are you ready to bring your ideas for a sustainable food supply chain to life? Following the success of last year’s Winter School, Queen’s University Belfast, Technical University of Munich and University of Cambridge will come together to…