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What we do

EIT Food West wants to revolutionize the current food sector into a healthy, sustainable and transparent system.

We are all connected to the food we eat, and we believe that together we can bring about a change: with everyone who loves food and drink, with the large companies that offer food products, with the chefs that cook our meals, with start-ups who have innovative ideas, with the knowledge of universities, and with the local farmers who produce our food.

We bring all these parties together, and by organising workshops, events and social media campaigns we inspire you to join us in creating a healthy, sustainable and transparent food sector.

EIT Food West

Our Team

Dr. Martine van Veelen Director EIT Food West Dr. Martine van Veelen
Kristel Rondou-Vanden Heuvel Office Manager Kristel Rondou-Vanden Heuvel
Ilario Ingravallo Programme Manager Innovation Ilario Ingravallo
Mina Mansoor Rankel Programme Manager Education Mina Mansoor Rankel
Catherine Breyssens Event Coordinator Catherine Breyssens


20 November 2019

The Future of Food

29 November 2019

Inspiration day: transition raw material

03 December 2019

Startup Innovation Challenge



Our EIT Food booth at Hapje Tapje 2019 News

Our EIT Food booth at Hapje Tapje 2019

21 Aug 2019 Every year, the culinary event Hapje Tapje takes place in the centre of Leuven
New food trends come to life at the Food Fashion Festival News

New food trends come to life at the Food Fashion Festival

05 Jul 2019 What is the role of social media in the way food is produced? How do new food trends such as veganism determine our eating habits? These are some of the questions behind the new food trends that came to life during the Food Fashion Festival on Ladeuzesquare in Leuven

Core Partners

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