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Catalysing Food Innovation in the Heart of Europe.


Our regional office based in Bavaria, Germany operates as an innovation hub for our partners from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. We offer opportunities to arrange events, meetings, seminars, and outreach activities and take a leading role in the regional development of the Food sector.

We have a regional newsletter! The Local Startup Feed provides updates about meetups, news & success stories from the Bavarian startup scene, as well as EIT Food programmes with relevance for food & agtech startup founders.

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EIT Food Central

Below are the contact details of our regional office. Get in touch if you want to improve the food system with us.

Gregor-Mendel Strasse 4, 85354 Freising, Bavaria, Germany +49 172 4363 513


Europe   one day left

Event planning, coordination and facilitation of the “HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education” Co-Creation Workshop on IVAP Implementation

In the framework of the HEI Initiative, EIT Food Education will contract an external Communication Agency to be responsible for the successful planning, coordination, technical implementation, and qualitative facilitation of an online Co-Creation Workshop

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Europe   01/10/2021

Call for EIT Food Innovation Evaluators

EIT Food Innovation invites Agrifood experts with significant experience in Innovation Management, Commercialisation, and Technology Transfer to apply to become evaluators and rapporteurs in connection with its Calls for proposals.

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