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What we do

Our team is responsible for driving innovation in the food sector in the regions of the UK, Ireland and Iceland.

We work closely with a unique network of partners including key industry players, agrifood startups, research centres and universities from our region. Together, and as part of the wider EIT Food Community, we are all working together to deliver an innovative and entrepreneurial food sector.

In our region, our focus areas include childhood obesity, sustainable aquaculture and sustainable land use.

Our impact in these areas forms part of EIT Food's wider mission to transform our food system. 

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EIT Food North-West

Below are the contact details of our regional office. Get in touch if you want to improve the food system with us.

Reading Enterprise Centre, Whiteknights Rd, Earley, Reading RG6 6BU +44 (0) 118 935 7186

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