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EIT HEI Initiative

What is the EIT's HEI Initiative?

The EIT's HEI Initiative helps higher education institutions build the capacity to teach innovation and entrepreneurship.


Annual Calls for Proposals

The EIT’s HEI Initiative organizes annual calls for proposals, inviting European higher education institutions to design institution-wide action plans that will improve their entrepreneurial and innovation capacity across all institutional levels. By supporting such activities, this new EIT initiative will create systemic impact, empowering HEIs to become regional engines of innovation and foster sustainable growth and jobs across Europe.

Eligible participants for the Calls for Proposals encompass higher education institutions, public bodies (local, regional, or national), various types of enterprises, intermediary organizations representing higher education institutions, research institutions, and countries within the Horizon Europe program.

Project objectives may encompass various themes, such as:

  • Promoting institutional engagement and facilitating change.
  • Reinforcing collaborations among higher education, business, and research organizations.
  • Cultivating innovation and enhancing business support services.
  • Elevating the quality of entrepreneurial education.
  • Generating and sharing knowledge.

Project lead

Photo Laura Borge
Laura Borge del Rey

Programme Manager Education

IMG 20230607 WA01281
Cara Maeztu

Project Manager Education

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