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ETH,  the  Swiss  Federal  Institute  of  Technology  is  a  technical  university  with  focus  on  engineering  and  natural sciences. By integrating as well the humanities and social sciences, ETH devises innovative concepts of  education  and  research  which  shall  allow  us  to  tackle   the   enormous   challenges   facing   mankind,   and help lay a path for a meaningful and sustainable development of present and future civilisations.

Competences & Capabilities

In  order  to  cope  with  humanity’s  major  challenges,  ETH Zurich concentrates on several main focus areas in addition to departmental activities at a local, national or global level to make a valuable contribution to politics, economy and society.

ETH’s main focus areas are:

  • Medicine & Nutrition
  • Data
  • Sustainability
  • Manufacturing technologies
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