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Tasty Texture: Tailored fibre/protein-rich vegetarian Health Power food & novel extrusion technology platform

Plant-based foods are growing beyond vegan and vegetarians due to the emerging segment of the flexitarians, who seek to reduce animal protein consumption in their daily diet. Most product developments focus on meat or milk analogues.


We aim to enlarge plant-based food offerings beyond meat analogues by a novel process combination for structuring protein and fibres obtained also from side-stream materials to develop a range of consumer valued tasty, healthier and sustainably processed alternatives to the currently popular starch based, energy dense products. Specific needs and preferences will be obtained through a co-creation approach with target consumers, including personalisation/customisation aspects linked to nutrition, taste, texture & shape across the health-indulgence, sweet-savoury snack spectrum. A novel technology platform and a related training & development program will enable the novel Tasty Texture-Tailored Health Power Snacks production.


Project lead

Beatrice Conde Petit Pic

Beatrice Conde-Petit


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