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Inspire Programme

Promoting entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector


Leading food system transformation

Inspire is a suite of excellent entrepreneurship programmes in the food system offered at different locations in Europe (and/or online), to reach a wide and diverse group of learners from across Europe. The aim of the programmes is to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and to give participants experience of the entrepreneurial process, to increase the participation of individuals in the transition to a circular and sustainable economy across the food system. 

The Inspire Programme will raise awareness on global food challenges and provide trainings on the latest innovations in Food & Agriculture. Entrepreneurial capacity and business creation skills will be taught like design thinking, business idea development, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, team building, market and risk analysis. The programme will offer to the participants four (4) different individual programmes focusing on Alternative Proteins, Sustainable Aquaculture, Sustainable Agriculture, and Targeted Nutrition. 


Choose one of the 4 topics of your interest, each of the 4 courses have different start dates and application buttons:

Alternative Proteins: The topic will be formed around developing a new/alternative protein sources through efficient and sustainable production and processing methods to yield high quality, safe, healthy, and sustainable products or ingredients for food and feed.  For more information and to apply click on tab Alternative Proteins.

Sustainable Agriculture: A course to learn about regeneration of biodiversity and ecosystem services, aid in coping with climate change and building-up agricultural resilience and drive digital transformation, technology adoption, citizen engagement, and capacity building. For more information and to apply click on tab Sustainable Agriculture.

Targeted Nutrition: This course is focus on transforming the food system to fight non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by improving diets and lifestyles is urgently needed to promote healthy eating habits and keeping people healthy, while enhancing consumer awareness about the relationship between food and health. The purpose is to understand how we can halt and reverse the rise in obesity levels, promote healthy aging and reduce the number of dependent adults, double protein food sources available, and develop personalized nutrition strategies. For more information and to apply click on tab Targeted Nutrition.

Sustainable Aquaculture: A course to transform and expand current aquaculture practices into smarter, circular systems by developing innovative and sustainable solutions to create safe, healthy, and high-quality food. Aquaculture is expected to provide an ever-increasing portion of global fish consumption in the coming decade as a result we are interested in proposals in this field. As seafood consumption increases, sustainable aquaculture must keep up with demand while providing many other economic, social, and environmental benefits. For more information and to apply click on tab Sustainable Aquaculture.


The Inspire programme is designed with an overarching Entrepreneurship Spine at their core, with food systems content to contextualise and enhance the learning experience. The Entrepreneurship Spine comprises a set of key activities to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and to develop some entrepreneurial skills, thus, playing an essential role in all programmes. The goal of the Spine is to foster the entrepreneurial capacity of the participants with the view to lead the transformation of the food sector. Under this task, the programmes will educate in the area of entrepreneurship and business creation and upscale competences such as leadership, communication skills, problem solving, creativity and critical thinking. 

The entrepreneurial skills developed will be primarily those that underpin entrepreneurship competences:

  • Valuing ideas (determine multiple forms of value created)  
  • Assessing consequences of ideas (social, environmental, and economic impact) 
  • Identifying individual and group strengths and weaknesses 
  • Mobilising resources/making the most of limited resources 
  • Planning and management 
  • Basic financial literacy 
  • Taking decisions when the result is uncertain 
  • Handling fast-moving situations 
  • Working remotely using contemporary digital tools 
  • Pitching and effective communications (written and verbal) 


The Inspire Programmes are also designed to practically demonstrate the benefits of EIT Food Knowledge Triangle integration through collaboration between bright minds from higher education, entrepreneurs, professionals, and industrial companies and start-ups. The vision of the programmes, therefore, is to equip individuals with the ability to recognise, develop and act on entrepreneurial opportunities in a range of organisational settings. This novel approach taps into investment in education and skills, thereby generating individuals who dare to think outside the box and empowers them in the job market. Investing in education and growing bright minds is essential to boost economic growth and to intensify Europe’s knowledge-based economy.  




Inspire Programme Structure

The Inspire Programme consists of four different individual thematic courses focusing on key innovation areas of food & agriculture. In addition to specific thematic trainings related to the content of the individual course, trainings with a focus on entrepreneurship will also be provided. The latter will be delivered by following EIT Food partners: University of Cambridge, University of Aarhus, Technion, and Technical University of Munich.
With such thoroughly designed structure, the programme fosters the entrepreneurial growth of talented individuals and boosts key competences such as leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, business skills and communication affinity.

The programmes provide training in food systems and equip them with knowledge on design thinking, business idea development, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, team building, market research, risk analysis, negotiation, pitching, etc.

Online Learning

  • Introduction to the challenges of the food system with a focus on course specific topic
  • Knowledge & skills on how to launch a business

Interactive learning & Hands-on work

Generate business ideas in food space & work on viable solutions, to turn food and agriculture into a sustainable, healthy and trusted sytem for all.

- Leading academic and industry partners of EIT Food will contribute with important insights and mentoring.

- Receive seminars, workshops, professional guidance, networking events and more.

- Immersion into key innovation ecosystem in Europe.

- Final pitch competition to select Inspire winners 2022


Students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals interested in creating a business idea around our food system's most significant issues.


A small portion of the total cost of the program is charged as a participation fee.

Project lead

Dr Karen Miller

Dr Karen Miller

Activity Leader
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