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High quality, experiential learning summer schools of EIT Food in food system innovation & entrepreneurship for future food leaders across Europe.

Inspire Programme will raise awareness on global food challenges, educate in latest & greatest innovations in Food & Agriculture and will raise the entrepreneurial capacity of participants and business creation skills.Inspire will focus on practical approaches and give participants the toolkit that is needed to become effective innovators in the food system. It will provide training in food systems and equip with knowledge on design thinking, business idea development, market analysis and more. Inspire Programme is designed to engage the participants with universities, corporates, startups, research labs by practically demonstrating the benefits of EIT Food Knowledge Triangle integration through collaboration between talents from higher education, entrepreneurs, professionals and industrial companies and startups.


The inspire summer school series was designed for young students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals interested in creating a business idea around our food system's most significant issues. Each summer school, organized in collaboration with various leading European institutes, starts with a one-week introductory online platform to guide participants in delving into a particular food issue, identifying gaps, the latest trends and opportunities. Additionally, participants learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and design thinking techniques necessary to found a business. Following the online platform, we will gather the participants for an intensive week, where they are encouraged to apply their learning hands-ons and work with peers to develop business ideas. The programme encourage participants to interact with various food system stakeholder by practically demonstrating the benefits of EIT Food Knowledge Triangle integration through collaboration between talents from higher education, entrepreneurs, professionals and industrial companies and startups.



Inspire Summer Schools 2021

Sustainable Aquaculture

There is a massive opportunity in the rapidly growing algal biomass production- be it by itself or in combination with aquaculture. Knowledge of related technology and its application is necessary to use this opportunity. The summer school presents the learner with training and theory in finfish, shellfish, algae biology, culturing, growth, molecular, and metabolite analysis. Participants will learn to recognize barriers and facilitators to production. 

Proteins for Future

This summer school will address critical questions on how to develop a sustainable future food system. How can new and alternative food proteins be integrated in our food systems? What are the technological obstacles, and what are the regulatory barriers? How do we design and develop plant-based, cell based proteins, or how do we reach a 50/40 goal  i.e. 50% of the diet plant based by 2040?

Digitalization for Circular Food System

During the 2020 global pandemic, we witness how our failing supply chain, endangered essential workers and wreaked havoc in our economy. Now, more than ever, manufacturers around the world are facing enormous pressure to make our supply chain more resilient. Potential solution include the digitalization of our supply chain to achieve circular economy. To understand the fundamentals of the circular economy, the application of existing technologies-from AI to IoT to improve products, and how it will change the post-COVID world, apply to our summer school in digitalization and circular economy system. 

Sustainable Food Packaging

Most single-use plastics end up in a landfill and our nature. Strong, flexible, and cheap- it is incredibly necessary to protect our food products. This summer school will guide participants in learning about the life cycle of single-use plastic packagings and its impact on the environment, give update on novel sustainable food packaging and bioplastic solutions, discuss the latest EU packaging rules, and the resulting business opportunities.

Targeted Nutrition

There is no one-size-fits-all health solution- what works for one person might not work for another. This summer school edition explores the targeted approach in developing food products for consumers with unique nutritional needs. Get to know the problem: the target groups with special dietary needs, dietary issues, and the EU's policy landscape. Collaborate with other learners to design and assess existing product formulation process, estimate product development costs, and learn how to communicate with various stakeholders.  

Inspire Entrepreneurship Spine Training

This activity aims to tackle our food system's most significant problem opportunities by equipping talented individuals with the essentials of entreprenerial and business creation skills. It will provide participants with a holistic approach of our complex food system, identify issues, and how it affects various players in the ecosystem.  

The goal of entreprneurship activity is to foster the entrepreneurial capacity of Inspire participants with the view to lead the transformation of the food sector. Under this task Inspire will educate in the area of entrepreneurship and business creation and upscale competences such as leadership, communication skills, problem solving, creativity and critical thinking.
The Entrepreneurship skills developed will primarily those that underpin entrepreneurship competences::
- Valuing ideas
- Assessing consequences of ideas (social, environmental, and economic impact)
- Identifying individual and group strengths and weaknesses
- Mobilising resources/making the most of limited resources
- Planning and management
- Basic financial literacy
- Taking decisions when the result is uncertain
- Handling fast-moving situations
- Working remotely using contemporary digital tools
- Pitching skills


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Summer Schools 2020


The following partners are involved in the project

Aarhus University
Queen’s University of Belfast
Technical University of Munich
University of Cambridge
University of Reading
University of Turin
Swiss Food Research
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Project Lead

Chryssa Dimaki

Technical University Munich

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Summer Schools 2020

Summer Schools 2020

We need new ideas to help solve some of the toughest global challenges and to help transform the food system. Students are great creative thinkers, often giving different insights into possible solutions. That's why our programmes are designed to help them do just that.

Inspire programmes are 1-2 week long courses on entrepreneurship, the co-creation of entrepreneurial ideas, innovation and business creation principles and skills. Programmes are aimed at giving you a taste of entrepreneurship or to help accelerate your idea. 

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