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Project with the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education


Hello, nice of you to drop by: we are "ACTinEITFood" - sounds a bit complicated, but actually it's not! Here's why:

ACTinEITFood is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EIT Food - the European initiative of the EU that aims to make our food system healthier, more sustainable and more transparent. Our goal is to make our food future-proof. So we have a mission to build an inclusive and innovative community where the consumer is truly actively involved. These are our missions:

  • Creating and growing start-ups in the agri-food sector to create new food innovations and businesses.
  • Developing talent and leaders to transform the food system.
  • Launch and promote innovative products and business models for healthier and more sustainable food.
  • Engage the public with new communication ideas so they can become agents of change in the food system.

Time is of the essence: From production to consumption, over 32 percent of all food is still lost in our country, for example when it spoils in transit, in supermarkets or in private households, or ends up as food waste in the rubbish. Meanwhile, energy and freshwater resources continue to be wasted everywhere. EIT Food's Europe-wide mission is nothing less than a revolution in the food system.

And who is EITFood anyway? A pan-European network of over 50 universities, research institutes and the food industry and agriculture, and has been given a mandate by the EU to use new technologies to help produce food in a more sustainable and resource-efficient way.

ACT in EIT Food Logo

And that is what we do: Through knowledge transfer (communication and education), innovation (support of innovation projects of our corporate partners) and business creation (launch - accelerate - scale), we want to ensure at all levels that the scientific innovations really reach the consumers.

ACTinEITFood is the national project in Germany. And we hope to have many good discussions and new contacts here. So if you have founded a start-up and have questions about our flagship programmes, if you are an SME and simply want to learn more about our work in the field of innovation, or if you are an association that would like to work with us on our mission: Connect with us - let's ACTinEITFood.

We look forward to meeting you!

Current project: Digital Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems - an EIT Food and LfL Challenge powered by Siemens

EIT Food and the Bavarian state agency for agriculture (LfL) join forces to tackle the challenge: reduction of chemical plant protection measures by launching Digital Agriculture for Sustainable Food Systems - an EIT Food and LfL Challenge - powered by Siemens. In this project we'll identify the best tangible tech solutions to reduce the environmental impact of Agriculture - and provide them with a unique soft-landing program tailored to their need in the region of Ruhstorf, Germany.


About FoodUnfolded®

Many of us see the food on our plate without really knowing its story: where and how it was produced, and the impact its production has on people, communities and the environment.

Yet, food production is currently responsible for a number of environmental and social issues, while becoming more vulnerable to the consequences of the very same issues it feeds into. With increasing temperatures, decreasing availability of arable land and a growing world population, our food system can no longer afford to continue with unsustainable practices - it must undergo a massive transformation. 

Part of the problem is that many of us have lost touch with where our food comes from. That’s why we created FoodUnfolded® - a global digital platform designed to reconnect people with their food and empower them to change our food system for the better. 

FoodUnfolded® [German] FoodUnfolded® [English]

Our articles, videos and podcasts will take you on a journey through our food system, covering everything from where our food comes from and how it’s made, to the chemistry behind food and how it affects our bodies, to the impact that food production can have on people and the environment - and innovations and alternative practices that could help reduce that impact. 

Learning more about our food and its origins can deeply impact our food choices, the system our choices affect and ultimately, help protect our planet. By bringing facts and stories to life, we hope to help you navigate these everyday decisions through knowledge. Together, we can transform the future of our food.

Our community

FoodUnfolded® isn’t just about food - it’s also about people. That’s why we share stories about the past, present, and future of food; to shed light on how food is deeply intertwined with our lives and societies.

But FoodUnfolded® is more than just a digital platform – it’s a community. We’re creating a space that bridges misunderstandings and creates trust to foster a new relationship between everyone in the food system, including consumers, academics, experts and those in the food industry. We believe that conversation is key, so we aim to engage with our audience in constructive discussion wherever possible. We’re always interested in hearing about your ideas, your feedback and your experiences with food and its production system, so if you want to join our community follow us on Instagram or sign-up for our newsletter.

FoodUnfolded® on Instagram FoodUnfolded® Newsletter sign-up

Our credibility

FoodUnfolded® is committed to being an accurate, accountable, and non-partisan source of information on food and the food system, providing tools to discern valuable information from false or superficial sources in the contradictory landscape of traditional and online media. 

We are conscious that in order to help our audience make evidence-based decisions in their daily lives, our content needs to be reliable. For this reason, our content is always thoroughly referenced and rigorously fact-checked, and we rely on an ever-growing network of experts, scientists, and key players in the food system to discuss the findings of our in-depth research. 

The support of EU funding by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology allows us to retain editorial independence on the content we produce. We use our editorial freedom to tell any story as we see it, and to employ an agenda-free, balanced, and nuanced approach. We only cover existing research and alternatives and solutions that present real potential, but we also trust our audience to make their own conscious decisions once informed about the facts.

We are also aware and respect that food is a highly personal topic, and everyone’s experience with food is different. That’s why we mindfully source important stories from different regions, countries and cultures from all over the world - something that is made possible by the diversity of our pool of contributors and experts, as well as that of our audience.

FoodUnfolded® is powered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food, an extended body of the EU under Horizon2020.

Frank Horlbeck is your first point of contact for any enquiries or questions regarding FoodUnfolded®. Don't hesitate to reach out - we're looking forward to hearing from you!

Frank Horlbeck
Frank Horlbeck Senior Communications Manager


Tetyana Dashivets
Tetyana Dashivets Project Lead

“ACTinEITFood” project aims to develop and implement novel solutions to foster sustainability and innovation in the agriculture and food sector on regional and national levels; to make the developments and innovations in the sector more tangible and understandable for consumers at all levels, and to promote the visibility, mission, and vision of EIT Food.

To address these aspects, ACTinEITFood has set out to engage relevant stakeholders as well as consumers and develop targeted approaches in the following project areas - Innovation, Business Creation and Communication.  Tetyana is responsible for the coordination of the project areas, overall project management and planning and implementation of the project-related activities. Tetyana the right person to talk to about any ACTinEITFood related matters, as well as new ideas, collaborations, and common events.  


Frank Horlbeck
Frank Horlbeck Senior Communication Manager

Frank is our expert for Consumer centicity and Public engagement. Communications, as a supporter of all ACTinFOOD projects, should help to inform consumers at all levels about the progress and innovative ideas in the agri-food sector and encourage them to engage in dialogue with us! Frank is also happy to help arrange contacts throughout Europe at EITFood and we organise our own events on topics such as healthy eating, sustainable agriculture or on innovations and the offerings of startups in the agri-food sector.
The Communication Team is happy to be contacted by members of the press, media, associations, startups and institutions who would like to work with us towards the goal of promoting an innovative, sustainable food supply!


Marie Ammann
Marie Ammann Innovation Manager

Marie is the right person to contact if you want to take your advanced innovation activities to the next level. She supports EIT Food CLC Central partners with their innovation projects - from helping them write EIT Food proposals, to embedding innovation projects in events and relevant platforms, to finding other regional, national and international funding opportunities to support their innovation activities. EIT Food Partners but also Non-EIT Food partners are welcome to contact Marie if they have an innovation project but lack consortium partners, need access and expertise through the large EIT Food network, and would like to participate in EIT Food calls for innovation activities. In her role as Innovation Manager, Marie organizes innovation and co-creation workshops to leverage open innovation approaches and promote the best innovation projects to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability within our food system.


Agnes Hoffmann
Agnes Hoffmann Business Creation Manager

If you’re an innovative entrepreneur, start-up, SME, Corporate or organization in the Agrifood sector in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, Agnes is the right person to talk to. Being well connected in the Startup Ecosystem she will bring you in touch with the right players at the right time to bring your innovation to the market! Whether you’re a start-up interested in our paneuropean Business Creation programs or a SME wanting to cooperate in our regional activities such as corporate challenges or innovative workshops for SMEs, get in touch to find our how she can support!



Innovation at ACTinEITFood

EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy, and trusted. To achieve such a transformation, many new products, services, business models and processes need to be brought to market to systemically change the complex and interwoven structures. We need to produce more food using fewer resources, need more sustainable methods to guarantee food that is high quality in terms of safety and nutritional aspects, and there needs to be more emphasis on food sustainability.

EIT Food's mission is to transform the way food is produced, distributed, and consumed and increase its value to European society by solving the biggest innovation challenges through trusted partners from industry, education and research in collaboration with informed and engaged citizens. Innovation and technological solutions play a central role in this, which one supporting pillar of EIT Food to transform the food system.

In her role as Innovation Manager at EIT Food within the ACTinEITFood team, Marie supports the innovation activities of EIT Food partners and their consortia, from initial networking, co-creation, and outreach events, to assisting in the creation of the innovation project proposal, to helping implement and disseminate innovation activities that transform our food system. To this end, open innovation activities (Co-Creation Sessions; Ideation Sessions; Matchmaking Events) with partners outside EIT Food, organized by Marie, are crucial to guide creativity and foster systemic thinking and forward-looking solutions that fit EIT Foods' vision and mission. Funded EIT Food innovation activities must have a high degree of maturity with a clear path to market/commercialization.

Innovation website Innovation platform HYPE

An overview about current EIT Food Innovation projects can be found here. Additional information and specific innovation ideas are to be found on our Open innovation Platform HYPE where you can browse through campaigns and ideas, submit and manage your own ideas, get inspired and co-create with others. For further questions or help related to the above-mentioned topics, contact

In addition to Marie's support for the EIT Food Call for Innovation activities, she also has an overview of the regional, national and international funding landscape, which enables her to best advise the EIT Food partner network in finding further funding opportunities to accelerate innovation activities and increase their impact. Marie aims to foster an open innovation mentality within EIT Food and work closely with proactive EIT Food partners, with engagement, learning and intrinsic motivation of all stakeholders involved.

Contact Marie if you

  • Want to know more about EIT Food innovation activities and the EIT Food Call for Innovations
  • Need help in submitting EIT Food proposals
  • Want to bring your innovation proposal to the next level
  • Are looking for consortia partner for EIT Food Innovation activities
  • Want to Steer innovation related exchange dedicated to a specific EIT Food challenge/impact
  • Want to promote your innovation activity within and beyond the EIT Food network
  • Need expert advice and networks from our EIT Food Partners
  • Are planning to initiate innovation related events or workshops/co-creation sessions
  • Want to deep dive to create new innovation projects
  • Need help with EIT Food portals (HYPE, EIT Food Plaza)
Marie Ammann
Marie Ammann Innovation Manager

Business Creation

Business Creation at ACTinEITFood

To feed 10 billion people by 2050, we need to radically transform our entire food system. Less than 4% of all EU startups are in agrifood and there is so much more potential! Therefore, our mission to build an inspiring innovative and inclusive community of entrepreneurs is crucial to create a sustainable, healthy and trusted food system that works for people and for the planet.

EIT Food’s Business Creation activities aim to bring all players together and guide and accelerate the innovation process that will transform the food system.  In the face of enormous economic and business challenge, the key is collaboration. Startups need funding and scale, corporates need agility and innovation, investors need fast businesses to invest in.

EIT Food Business Creation supports entrepreneurs to launchaccelerate and scale agrifood businesses across Europe, driving innovation to meet the big food challenges we face, to create a healthier, more trusted and sustainable food system.​

As a Business Creation Manager for ACTinEITFood, Agnes main goal is to support impactful agrifood Startups, SME’s and Corporates in making innovation happen along the whole food value chain.

By collaborating with the local Startup and Innovation Ecosystem, universities, investor’s, SME’s and our corporate partners, it’s all about supporting and facilitating collaborations to drive innovation and a startup culture within our food sector. She provides (future) entrepreneurs, Startups and SME with the right tools, knowledge, tailor-made programs and a supportive network of industry experts and experienced entrepreneurs in order to locally anchor EIT Food’s Business Creation pan-european activities. 

    Interested in our paneuropean activities? Rewatch our webinar


    Her main activities:

    • Tailor-made Workshops for SME’s (e.g. How to collaborate with Startups)  and Startups (e.g. fundraising opportunities / find your co-founder/ how to collaborate with a corporate)
    • Co-hosting of events
    • Support in definition and facilitation of corporate challenges for your established company
    • Local Startup and Ecosystem support


    GründerInnen Stammtisch Business Creation


    Let’s connect and ACTinEITFood:

    • If you are a Startup you want to learn more about our activities for agrifood Startups in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands
    • If you are a multiplicator who wants to get in touch for a potential cooperation
    • If you are a corporate/SME looking for impactful agrifood solutions and transformation within your company
    • If you are and investor looking for impactful Startups
    • If you are interested in our local activities such as Corporate Challenges, the Startup Forum or our founder’s round table!
    • Any other business? Get in touch!
    Agnes Hoffmann
    Agnes Hoffmann Business Creation Manager


    Establishing new types of communication structures: We are here for you!

    Communication is a key element in making innovation, especially in the agricultural, food and nutrition sector, more tangible and understandable for consumers. Previous communication approaches in the food sector essentially covered one dimension: from the company/institute to the consumer. Added to this is the clearly measurable loss of trust on the part of consumers, e.g. in the processing food industry.

    The ACTinFood approach now makes it possible to create a two-dimensional information and discussion culture in which consumers and producers can enter into dialogue for the first time. This is intended to slowly restore the lost trust in food production through the active involvement of all relevant stakeholders.


    "Communication" at ACTinEITFood?

    Communication, as a supporter of all ACTinEITFOOD projects, should help to inform consumers at all levels about the progress and innovative ideas in the agricultural and food sector and encourage dialogue! To this end, numerous events and conferences will take place, as well as new interactive and hybrid event formats will be launched. We will enter into partnerships with major cities in order to provide even more visibility for innovations as well as points of contact for start-ups and initiatives.

    What are we currently doing?

    We are currently producing interviews with the project leaders of EIT Food projects that have won awards at the European level in order to make them accessible to the German public and thus further publicise innovations from all over Europe. The films will be available on the ACTinEITFood homepage in the near future.

    And we are planning an event day in Berlin with many partners from the food and agricultural sectors, as well as various regional "citizen dialogues" between science, food producers and start-ups.

    Any more questions?

    The ACTinEITFood Communication Team is happy to hear from members of the press, media, associations, start-ups and institutions who would like to work with us towards the goal of promoting an innovative, sustainable food supply!

    Learn more at FoodUnfolded®


    In a nutshell:

    ACTinFood has set itself the goal of developing novel communication structures in the food sector in order to facilitate a two-way culture of discussion between consumers and producers. The aim is to restore the consumer's lost trust in the entire value chain of food production with the help of events and conferences, online events, a citizen dialogue on all media levels as well as innovative communication projects.

    Do you already know our new consumer platform FoodUnfolded®? A lot of information about healthy nutrition, understandable reports from science, or recipes and stories about new innovative projects in the countryside or in the city. A platform with reliable information and with a young group of authors from Austrian farmers to French chefs, from Italian scientists to English organic producers and many committed European journalists. But also just to read and enjoy...

    Frank Horlbeck
    Frank Horlbeck Senior Communications Manager

    Project Lead

    Project Lead at ACTinEITFood

    “ACTinEITFood” is a joint project of Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EIT Food – an initiative of EU, that aims to transform European food system and to make it healthier, more sustainable, and more transparent. The goal of EIT Food is to make our food future proof, and its mission lies in building of an inclusive and innovative community where consumer is truly and actively involved.  The project “ACTinEITFood” was initiated to promote vision and mission of EIT Food and to develop innovative sustainable consumer-centered solutions in the German food sector.  

    Our objectives are to develop and implement:

    • new communication structures with the direct involvement of consumers, to restore consumer trust in food sector;
    • a strategy for promoting of the EIT Food KIC visibility, particularly regarding its goals and achievements in Germany;
    • concepts for the active involvement of the relevant stakeholders along the entire food value chain;
    • concepts for the practical cooperation between RTOs, industry and innovators from the SME-sector;
    • concept for establishment of novel, sustainable and transparent start-up culture in the agricultural, food and nutrition sectors, with a focus on reduction of the start-up failure rate;
    • solutions that guarantee the right of every person to sustainable access to safe, healthy, and tasty food.
    Innovation Business Creation FoodUnfolded®


    To address these objectives and to deliver targeted solutions, ACTinEITFood operates in the three project areas - Innovation, Business Creation and Communication. Tetyana is responsible for the coordination of these project areas, overall project management and planning and implementation of the project-related activities. Tetyana is the right contact person if you have any questions regarding ACTinEITFood or would like to discuss any project-related matters.

    Tetyana Dashivets
    Tetyana Dashivets Project Lead


    ABP Food Group

    Project Lead

    Tetyana Dashivets

    Project Lead

    Contact details

    Frank Horlbeck

    Senior Communication Manager

    Contact details

    Marie Ammann

    Innovation Manager

    Contact details

    Agnes Hoffmann

    Business Creation Manager

    Contact details

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