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Let's ACTinEITFood

ACTinEITFood is a joint project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EIT Food - the initiative of the EU that aims to make our food system healthier, more sustainable and more transparent. Our goal is to make our food system future-proof. We have a mission to build an inclusive and innovative community where the consumer is actively involved. ACTinEITFood is the national project in Germany.

These are our missions:

  • Support creation and growth of start-ups in the agri-food sector to create new food innovations and businesses.
  • Developing talent and leaders to transform the food system.
  • Launch and promote innovative products and business models for healthier and more sustainable food.
  • Engage the general public to enable consumers to make informed and sustainable food consumption choices.

From production to consumption, over 32 percent of all food is still lost in our country, for example when it spoils in transit, in supermarkets or in private households, or ends up as food waste in the rubbish. Moreover, energy and freshwater resources continue to be wasted in many places. The mission of EIT Food is a revolution in the food system.

EIT Food is a pan-European network of over 220 universities, research institutes and the food industry and agriculture, and has been given a mandate by the EU to facilitate new technologies to help produce food in a more sustainable and resource-efficient way. Through knowledge transfer (communication and education), innovation (support of innovation projects of our corporate partners) and business creation (launch - accelerate - scale), we want to ensure at all levels that the scientific innovations really reach the consumers.

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If you ....

  • have founded a start-up and have questions about our programmes
  • are an small or medium enterprise (SME) and simply want to learn more about our work in the field of innovation
  • are an association that would like to work with us on our mission

Connect with us - let's ACTinEITFood. We look forward to meeting you!

EIT Food unterstützt Food Startups: Kennen Sie schon essbare Eislöffel?

Project lead

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Frank Horlbeck EIT Food West

Senior Regional Communications and Event Manager

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Dr. Tetyana Dashivets

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Marie Ammann

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Insights used to enhance consumer trust in the food value chain.