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The “ACTinEITFood” project aims to develop and implement novel solutions to foster sustainability and innovation in the agriculture and food sector on regional and national levels; to make the developments and innovations in the sector more tangible and understandable for consumers at all levels, and to promote the visibility, mission, and vision of EIT Food.

To address these aspects, ACTinEITFood has set out to engage relevant stakeholders as well as consumers and develop targeted approaches in the following project areas - Innovation, Business Creation and Communication. Tetyana is responsible for the coordination of the project areas, overall project management and planning and implementation of the project-related activities. Tetyana is the right person to talk to about any ACTinEITFood related matters, as well as new ideas, collaborations, and common events.

FRANK HORLBECK Senior Communication Manager

Frank is our expert for Consumer centricity and Public engagement. Communications, as a supporter of all ACTinEITFood projects, should help to inform consumers at all levels about the progress and innovative ideas in the agri-food sector and encourage them to engage in dialogue with us! Frank is also happy to help arrange contacts throughout Europe at EIT Food and we organise our own events on topics such as healthy eating, sustainable agriculture or on innovations and the offerings of startups in the agri-food sector.
The Communication Team is happy to be contacted by members of the press, media, associations, startups and institutions who would like to work with us towards the goal of promoting an innovative, sustainable food supply!

YU-MI LEE Innovation Manager

Yu-Mi is the right person to contact if you want to take your advanced innovation activities to the next level. She supports EIT Food CLC Central partners with their innovation projects - from supporting them in EIT Food proposals to embedding innovation projects in events and relevant platforms, and finding other regional, national, or European funding opportunities. EIT Food Partners but also Non-EIT Food partners are welcome to contact Yu-Mi if they have an innovation project but lack partners for a consortium, need access to and expertise from the large EIT Food network or would like to participate in EIT Food Innovation calls. In her role as Innovation Manager, Yu-Mi organizes innovation and co-creation workshops to leverage open innovation approaches and promotes the best innovation projects to achieve a more healthy, sustainable, and trusted food system.

MARIE AMMANN Business Creation Manager

If you’re an innovative entrepreneur, start-up, SME, Corporate or organization in the Agrifood sector in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, Marie is the right person to talk to. Being well connected in the Startup Ecosystem she will bring you in touch with the right players at the right time to bring your innovation to the market! Whether you’re a start-up interested in our paneuropean Business Creation programs or a SME wanting to cooperate in our regional activities such as corporate challenges or innovative workshops for SMEs, get in touch to find out how she can support!

Project lead

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Frank Horlbeck EIT Food West

Senior Regional Communications and Event Manager